Privacy Policy

Submitting a signed application form is a formal statement by the promoter that all details in the application are factually correct.  It is also confirmation that, if financial assistance is awarded, the promoter is committed to carrying out the project as described in the application form.
This form does not constitute any offer of financial assistance and no officer or representative of Inland Fisheries Ireland is in a position to make any commitment whatsoever to any promoter for funding. In the event that an application for funding is sanctioned, a formal letter will be issued containing conditions upon which funding is sanctioned and no further or other commitment shall be in any manner binding on Inland Fisheries Ireland.
The furnishing of inaccurate information will lead to automatic elimination from the evaluation process and will invalidate any application for funding.
Please note that any work commenced before a formal Letter of Offer has been signed, returned and acknowledged will be deemed ineligible for financial assistance.
The promoter should retain a copy of all documentation submitted to Inland Fisheries Ireland.